Rural Health Financial Services, LLC and Data Systems Management Announce Strategic Partnership

This partnership will bring affordable financial tools and support services to rural and community hospitals.

April 23, 2019

Nashville, TN — Rural Health Financial Services, LLC (Rural Health) and Data Systems Management (DSM) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Rural Health’s sales, implementation and support services with DSM’s advanced billing system and clearinghouse services.

With many community hospitals struggling to keep their doors open, there has long been a need for leaner, more affordable billing and financial support solutions. Traditionally, these hospitals have been forced into adopting expensive systems built for larger hospitals that include functionality that isn’t always needed in the small hospital environment. Rural Health, who will be leading sales, will now be able to offer these hospitals cutting-edge technology and clearinghouse services at a fraction of the price.

Rural Health’s bankruptcy practice, which works closely with Chief Restructuring Officers and bankruptcy trustees, will now utilize DSM’s claims clearinghouse to support that effort and return maximum dollars to the Creditors Committee for maximum distribution. 

“We’re very pleased to offer these financial tools to the community hospital market,” said Jerri Morton, partner with Rural Health. “We’ve used these financial applications in-house for years and now we’re making them available to community hospitals around the country. The benefits are cost and flexibility. The billing system and clearinghouse proposals we’ve seen so far show almost a 50% savings per month — so if you’re looking to make a change, contact us and let’s take a look.”

With Rural Health now packaging DSM financial tools with its software expertise and support resources, rural hospitals and clinics will be positioned to provide their communities with the financial stability needed to help their communities thrive.

About Rural Health Financial Services, LLC

Rural Health partners with community hospitals to drive financial results. We understand the challenges community hospitals face and are dedicated to providing the most affordable financial systems that quickly produce a return on investment. With Rural Health, technology platforms are no longer an obstacle for rural and small community hospitals. Our support services and cloud-based financial solutions work with any HIS system and are priced at a point easily attainable for rural and community hospitals. To learn more about Rural Health Financial Services, LLC, please visit

About Data Systems Management

Data Systems Management (DSM) is a software and services company based in Clinton, Mississippi.  It is an authorized IBM solution provider for a complete suite of hospital, clinic and local government accounting and operational application software solutions. DSM employs over twenty programmers, solution architects and support personnel in its Clinton and Columbus, MS offices. DSM’s mission is focuses on providing reasonable, proven solutions that help organizations remain productive and profitable. To learn more about Data Systems Management, please visit

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